The quality of a service is defined by how far it corresponds to the requirements of the customer.

The tours I have developed are my answers to your question:
“How can I best experience the Mecklenburg Lake District?”

But there is also another approach. Tell me what you expect and what meets your requirements.

Therefore I invite you to let me know what your wishes and interests are! Of course, this also applies to a whole group or a person whom you would like to make happy with a personalized tour.

Would you like to get to know a specific place or area?

I am happy to support you in this. I’ll do the research beforehand and show you what you want to see. Be it a very specific place, a city, a village or an area. If necessary, I am also looking for a local guide or a person who is particularly suitable.

Would you like to get to know something about your favorite topic?

If you are a holidaymaker in the region and have a hobby or area of ​​interest, then let me show you what there is to discover on the topic here in the region. Are you a railroad fan? Then I can show you historical vehicles that are not in a museum.

Are you a beer lover? Then let me show you what is brewed and drunk in the region. I can even show you something about the atypical wine here.

Do you like taking photos? Then let a local show you photo spots who are professionally looking for the most beautiful places in the Mecklenburg Lake District! Be it natural landscapes, lonely lakes or lost places. Art, hunting, history, architecture, agriculture, certain animals … I’m sure you can surprise me with something.

Would you like to know where to put the canoe or SUP in the water?

Then I’ll take you there. Either I come with you or you enjoy peace and nature alone. The Mecklenburgische is the largest water sports area in Central Europe. The large and well-known lakes are not the first choice for canoes or water hikes with the SUP. I can show you small bodies of water that are ideal.

Would you like to go hiking or cycling with a local?

I will accompany you on your hike. It doesn’t matter whether you know where to go and you are looking for a local guide or let me suggest a route for you. I find the hike to places or topics that interest you.

The same goes for bike tours. The Mecklenburg Lake District is very suitable for cycling. E-bikes and pedelecs in particular are booming right now. As a guest in the region, you certainly don’t want to simply cover kilometers, but rather see and experience something.

I will take you through our natural and cultural landscape. I will bring you the people, the landscape and the history. I grew up here and can draw your attention to what cannot be perceived as you drive past. The villages in particular sometimes need explanations that require a knowledge of the history.

Why are there ponds / water points in the middle of the village?
Why are there apartment blocks in the middle of the village?
Why are there sometimes very trimmed trees by the wayside?
Why do the streets go through some villages and why are there others with only one road in and out?

As with the hikes, you can either specify a route or let me suggest one. I allow myself to be guided by your wishes and interests.

Get more out of your hike or bike ride. Think of a friend you visit who shows you their city that they know well.

An example: With a bike or an e-bike / pedelec, the start and end point could be in Neustrelitz. Depending on the agreement, other locations are of course also possible. Whether two, three or five hours – we set a framework, the rest is up to you. We make a tour – for you personally or a group of up to 10 people. You should bring your bicycles with you. I am happy to support you with borrowing.

Do you want to get to know people?

It is said of the people in Mecklenburg that they are only slowly opening up. But then all the more loyal friends are. If you want to get to know the people here, you really need time or luck. Getting in touch with people as a holidaymaker is difficult. It is also understandable that you spend your free time with friends and not with the holidaymaker who may spend a week in a holiday home in the neighboring village.

But there are moments like this. Years ago I saw a couple from Bavaria going to my home village for a self-organized World Cup public viewing. That’s where you got to know each other. The couple from Bavaria were thrilled to come into contact with local people and only discovered this opportunity by chance through a notice in the village.

Contact with the residents on site without bothering them. I would like to offer you such possibilities.

prices for individual tours

its worth it!

per hour

Personal accompaniment every hour. There are no travel costs in Neustrelitz.


/ per hour


While driving through the area, you noticed a building or site that you cannot assign at all. It looks deserted, but that’s what makes you interested in it. You call me or send me a message. We’ll meet, I’ll tell you what you discovered there and take a closer look at it together.

half day

Personal accompaniment for 4 hours, including research in advance.


/ about 4 hours

example for a half day tour

You and your friends are spending a week in the lake district. You want to do something on the weekend evening, but you have no idea what is going on in this area. Then hire me and make sure you don’t get bored.

full day

Personal accompaniment for 4 to 7 hours, including research in advance.


/ 4-7 hours

example for a day tour

You are thinking of buying a holiday home or a place for the next phase of your life in the Mecklenburg Lake District. You have already vacationed here but are wondering which place suits you best. You hire me and we do a little round trip. I am your local contact person for a whole day.

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